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Suman Barick thmbnail image Hi I am Suman Barick, a professional web and mobile app developer, hobbyist coder, sometimes a writer, an instructor and much more. Connect with me at LinkedIn

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Welcome to the place where learning is pure fun, exams are like challenging games, tutors are not yet dead zombies and knowledge still has her soul. Welcome to Knexsol.
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Salient features

Innovative Learning

We are trying to create an environment to closely follow the progressive methodologies of Innovative Learning. Click here to learn more about Innovative Learning

Experienced Educators

Our educators are experienced in not only the content they deliver but also in the methods of teaching to make it more effective as well as efficient.

Brain Friendliness

We break the entire study material into small, easily digestible, audio-visual units of learning-contents so that the students can grasp and get a good grip over even the toughest of the material.

Continuous Evaluation

Students (and even educators) can self evaluate and work on their weak areas coninuously with the help of our daily 2-way feedback system and integrated test environment.